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Which Fluent Piano course will fit you?

With two Fluent Piano courses now available, I want to help you decide which is a better fit for you. When you look at the course comparison chart, you see many similarities.  Both courses will help you with rhythm, left hand technique, and finger agility.  They are similarly priced. Now the differences Fluent Piano Chords will […]

Don’t miss this important step when learning a song

There is one step that many musicians miss when learning a new song. And it’s too bad because taking this simple step would reveal so many important connections. Music would start to make more sense, and musicians could greatly reduce their learning curve.

Shoutout to the girl at McDonald’s

It’s winter break, and one for one morning that means the Thompsons are going out for McDonald’s breakfast.  It was just my three kids and me – mama was driving three hours north toward the Promised Land: IKEA. At McDonald’s, my children got their fill of hot cakes, sausage biscuits, and a second order of hot […]

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