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What is Mainstage?

Mainstage is inexpensive yet powerful music-making software for Mac computers. If you have a Mac and aren't using Mainstage, you are missing out on amazing sounds!

To get up and running quickly with Mainstage, get the Mainstage Keyboard Course.

The keyboard sounds in these videos are entirely from Mainstage.

Recent Posts

Keyboard strings tips [video]

Playing keyboard strings sounds is very common. To do it well, it’s best to consider what you are aiming for: texture, high end, orchestral? Your answer will affect not only how you play, but how you prepare your sounds as well.

Hands together piano practice method [video]

With piano, even when you know what to play and can do it with each hand separately, it’s difficult to put both hands together. To help this, we’re going to talk through some steps that, once defined, can make your process more efficient.

DIY keyboard stand to simplify my rig

Looking for a sleeker, more attractive setup, I decided on a DIY keyboard stand built on a black iron pipe base. It’s rock solid with a clean look. Here’s the process!

How to fill in between piano chords

Adding notes in between piano chords fills the space and adds rhythm and interest. In this post and video, we’ll outline three possible approaches.

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