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How you can become a Mainstage keyboard master

In the latest video, I take a few minutes to give details on the Mainstage Keyboard course, going through each module to show you what’s there and how it can help you become a masterful user of Mainstage.

Ideas for creating chord progressions

It is fairly easy to get started with creating basic chord progressions. It is also easy to get stuck using the same patterns. Here are some tips for adding variety to your piano chord progressions.

How to create a notated vocal harmony chart

Notated vocal charts can help your worship team learn vocal harmonies more quickly and with more precision. This video gives an overview of my process, with some of the shortcuts I’ve learned over the years.

What kind of keyboard is that?

The question I most frequently get is “what keyboard do you play?” In this post, I share what I use and why you may want to choose something different.

Keyboard resources

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